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Customer commitment has put Tropical Pool & Spa at the top of the Beachcomber dealer base. 

When you buy from Tropical Pool & Spa you can buy with confidence. With over 40 years experience in Prince George & area, we are your pool and spa experts, offering award winning service and products.

Check out all of our brands we have to offer for hot tubs, pools and saunas.


Busy. That’s what the world is these days. But there is a place you can slow down, unwind and reconnect. And that place is in a hot tub.

You hot tub should stand the test of time, not cause you problems. The average industry hot tub lasts about 5 years before being replaced or abandoned, while our brands are  built to last! 


Our brand – Vogue Pools have been the hallmark of innovation and quality in the above-ground pool industry. Every pool they design and manufacture is built to the same exacting standards that our customers have come to expect and appreciate. 


The Finnleo experience is as genuine as it gets, because these saunas are designed to deliver the same simple, uncomplicated pleasure people have been enjoying for thousands of years. There is the solid comfort knowing we use responsibly-sourced wood from northern forests. Our heating engineering is based on tried and true principles of our authentic Finnish roots.