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Dale’s Wood and Gas Heat Specialists have been serving Northern BC residents for over 30 years.

Dale’s Wood and Gas Heat has moved to join Tropical in 2015 offering you over 2000 square feet of fully optional fireplaces ensuring an experience that will transform your typical fireplace purchase to a custom designed masterpiece. With over 25 brands and exponential varieties our specialists can recommend unique options to not only heat your home but showcase your asset.

To go beyond fireplaces we also carry boilers, furnaces, hot water tanks, fire pits and heaters while extending our products to outdoor living with a selection of top selling brands of BBQ’s / smokers and pizza ovens.

Our experts are ready to help you, warm up your home.

Product Categories


Freestanding fireplaces are stand-alone units that can be installed basically anywhere in your home and will align to your personal interior design creating a perfect accent to your room.


A fireplace insert is a unit that is inserted into an existing masonry chimney whereas the associated gas, wood or pellet venting utilizes your current structure for ease of installation. Fireplace inserts allow you to transform your previously enjoyed traditional fireplace while keep your surrounding hearth to a more modern and versatile heating option.


Zero Clearance fireplace refers to how close a fireplace can be to combustible materials therefore this type of fireplace is a huge draw for new builds and/or renovation option. These units provide a safe and eco-friendly source of heat source and can be installed in any framed space in your house.

Quality Brands, Quality Product

Our commitment is to provide our customers with superior products focusing on the longevity of their purchase and satisfaction throughout the products lifetime. Our suppliers are continually adapting to industry standards and regulations in order to ensure the health and safety of our customers and our surrounding environment.

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